Season 2 (1988)Edit

Series # Season # Title Original airdate Production code
14 1 "Eggbert" January 4, 1988 201
Shane is afraid to tell his parents he's the father of Spike's baby. Meanwhile, Spike learns about responsibility when she volunteers to "mother" an egg for two weeks.
15 2 "A Helping Hand..." January 11, 1988 202
Lucy is pleased when a substitute teacher gives her special attention and is unable to see his real intentions.
16 3 "Great Expectations" January 18, 1988 203
Joey sets his sights on Liz, a new girl with a wild haircut and new-wave clothes, which give her a reputation for promiscuity. Meanwhile, Arthur is confused after having wet dreams.
17 4 "Dinner and a Show" January 25, 1988 204
Shane's parents are upset and embarrassed that he is the father of Spike's baby. Nevertheless they invite Spike and her mother to dinner so everyone can meet and talk. Meanwhile, Melanie is caught in a lie by Yick.
18 5 "Stage Fright" February 1, 1988 205
Caitlin is diagnosed as having epilepsy, and her embarrassment complicates things. Meanwhile, shy Michelle fears giving a class speech.
19 6 "Fight!" February 8, 1988 206
Joey is challenged to a fight by Dwayne; and Stephanie's efforts to attract Simon .
20 7 "Bottled Up" February 15, 1988 207
Kathleen tries to hide from her classmates that her mother is an alcoholic. Max and Scooter decides to shed their nerd image.
21 8 "Sealed with a Kiss" February 22, 1988 208
Erica claims to be more mature than her twin Heather. Erica then has a romantic encounter with a high-school boy but it all goes wrong.
22 9 "Dog Days" February 29, 1988 209
Stephanie goes into a deep depression and Arthur gets attached to a dog he found, which he named Phil.
23 10 "Censored" March 7, 1988 210
When parents call for Spike's removal from school because of her pregnancy, Caitlin publishes a protest.
24 11 "Trust Me" March 14, 1988 211
The unexpected happens when Joey and Wheels spend the night at Snake's; and Spike is told she must finish the semester at home.
25 12 "He's Back..." March 21, 1988 212
The teacher who sexually harassed Lucy returns to Degrassi and sets his sights on an unwary Susie.
26 13 "Pass Tense" March 28, 1988 213
As the semester ends, Joey learns he's being left back, which dampens his enthusiasm for the band's concert debut. Also Spike goes into labour.