Season 3 (1988–1989)Edit

Series # Season # Title Original airdate Production code
27 1 "Can't Live with 'Em" Part One November 7, 1988 301
As the new school year begins, Wheels receives some tragic news; eighth-graders Arthur and Yick conspire to make life miserable for a new seventh-grader.
28 2 "Can't Live with 'Em" Part Two November 7, 1988 302
After hearing about the accident, no one knows what to say to Wheels, especially best friend Snake. Meanwhile, Lucy begins to neglect L.D. for her new boyfriend.
29 3 "A Big Girl Now" November 14, 1988 303
Lucy begins spending more time with Paul at the expense of her friends; and Kathleen snubs Melanie after being elected vice-president.
30 4 "Season's Greetings" November 21, 1988 304
Memories of their strong friendship help the feuding Arthur and Yick patch things up, Shane gets to hold his daughter, Emma when she has to come to school with Spike.
31 5 "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" November 28, 1988 305
As a school dance approaches, Caitlin's crush on Joey intensifies; Dorothy falls for Yick; and shy Michelle reveals her interest in BLT to the wrong person.
32 6 "He Ain't Heavy..." December 5, 1988 306
Snake's older brother comes home and reveals that he is gay, which Snake finds difficult to accept. Joey takes a job as a janitor at CRAZ radio in an attempt to get his band discovered.
33 7 "The Whole Truth" December 12, 1988 307
Caitlin learns a lesson in balanced journalism when she writes an article on animal rights; and Joey tries to get his demo tape heard at a radio station.
34 8 "Star-Crossed" January 16, 1989 308
Erica trades identities with her twin sister to pursue a boy; Alexa and Simon reconcile.
35 9 "Food for Thought" January 23, 1989 309
Kathleen shows signs of a dangerous eating disorder when pressures mount at home and school.
36 10 "Twenty Bucks" January 30, 1989 310
Melanie, determined to go on a date with Snake, commits a desperate act; Shane claims he can't make a child-support payment.
37 11 "Taking Off" Part One February 6, 1989 311
A card from his biological father and fighting with his grandmother lead Wheels to a decision; Shane is introduced to hard drugs.
38 12 "Taking Off" Part Two February 6, 1989 312
Shane fails to return home from the concert; Wheels' reunion with his musician-father isn't exactly harmonious.
39 13 "Making Whoopee" February 13, 1989 313
Arthur begins to resent his father's girlfriend; Melanie has new competition for Snake's affections; and Luke tries to deal with his guilt over Shane's accident.
40 14 "Black and White" February 20, 1989 314
Michelle and BLT learn about prejudice after deciding to attend a graduation dance together.
41 15 "Pa-arty!" February 27, 1989 315
Trouble is brewing for Lucy, whose new love interest is a problem drinker; and Joey, who says he'll buy beer for a party.
42 16 "Bye-Bye Junior High" March 6, 1989 316
Degrassi burns down, as for the last dance at Degrassi.